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Juno Search Group Inc has partnered with Michael Green of M Welland Green Consultant to offer our clients a unique approach to leadership coaching called Fit for Purpose. Michael's approach helps rapidly immerse your new and/or developing leadership talent in your vision, strategy and culture.

Service Offerings Include

Stages of Fit for Purpose Coaching Include

Define the Truth. Guide you through a truth-based conversation about what is and isn’t working for you and your team. Have a no BS discussion on options, realities and what happens if we don’t address the situation—and the positive outcomes to anticipate with change. Together, we will define what success means for you and create a picture of what a positive outcome looks like.

Hold up the Mirror. Use science-based behavioral and motivational assessments to see yourself and your team from a different view. Amplify things that that you do know and illuminate what you don’t know using:

  • DISC
  • TriMetrixHD
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Peer feedback

Agent of Change. Conduct an honest audit of strengths and limiters for you and your team, review of current behaviors and define what new tools and habits are needed.

Plan for Success. Neutralize as many risks and unknowns as possible. Co-determine action steps, desired outcomes and key performance indicators and measurement.

Get it Done. Employ situational coaching, which includes observation of behaviors and responses from and to others to train you how to change your culture. This step holds you accountable for what we committed to and can be adjusted as necessary to new realities and opportunities.

Outcomes: You and your team of transformed leadership will become long-term high performers who will improve the culture, attract new talent and grow the business.

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