"I believe leaders are made in the wild."

-Mike Green

Juno Search Group has partnered with Mike Green to offer our clients Adventure Based Executive Performance Coaching and
Leadership Assessments.


Mike Green’s story reads like something out of a Hemingway or Kerouac novel. This is a guy who hitchhiked from New York to Alaska just to prove a point. He believes that leaders are made in the wild. In all environments, no matter how extreme, there is a shared fundamental need: people who are brave enough to be themselves. Throughout his 25 years of working and traveling around almost 60 countries throughout all seven continents, he has documented over 11,000 hours of coaching along the way.

Mike utilizes various methods, including dynamic workshops, virtual coaching, face-to-face coaching, and adventure coaching to help uncover natural motivators.  He earned the Master Certified Coach accreditation from the International Coaching Federation, which is the highest standard for coaching. His diverse resume and life experience includes being an International Outward Bound instructor, working as an advisor for Kellogg, Brown and Root (KBR) in Iraq and other multinational military and government groups, as well as leading Air Transportation and Cargo for the McMurdo Station in Antarctica – just to name a few.

Mike Green lives and breathes his own philosophy and has learned to have the courage to experience the wilds of the world and the growth that comes from being your true self.